The Perfect Health Operating Manual


My first book is complete and ready for purchase! It has taken me 25 years of study in natural healing therapies to formulate the PERFECT HEALTH OPERATING MANUAL. My intention is that this manual will provide you a foundational roadmap to obtain optimal health. The topics discussed are all based on sound scientific and experiential principles derived from scientists and researchers much smarter than myself. My contribution is in synthesizing this information into a program that is easily indoctrinated into your daily life.  My hope is that in doing so, you will avoid the epidemic of modern diseases rampant, and almost unavoidable in today’s world, particularly with the plethora of mis-information which pervades our current medical landscape.

I have spent thousands of hours pouring through scientific literature and epidemiological studies of- diverse cultural dietary habits, nutritional supplementation, exercise physiology, sleep science, and longevity influencers. Coupled with my clinical experience with over 40,000 patients I have arrived at a health template that can potentially change your life. I now recommend this program to all of my patients regardless of what they are seeing me for, because I am committed to treating the WHOLE YOU, not just one particular symptom or issue.


* Reduction in sugar cravings                      * Improved digestive capability

* Weight Loss                                              * Mood elevation

* More energy                                              * Improved immunity

* Better sleep                                              * Less pain

* Improved cholesterol numbers                * Longer, more healthy life

We can’t promise miracles, but in most cases you will notice positive changes within one week of utilizing the information you learn. Some of you will, in fact, be amazed at how much better you feel and will begin to share this knowledge with family and friends. At the minimum, rest assured the steps you take will lead to long term improved health. We’ve made it easy for you. The package contains a 60 page binder of information including:

  • The Perfect Diet-eating how you were meant to eat
  • Nutritional Supplement guidance-which ones help, which ones do harm
  • Circadian Rhythm Enhancement – The importance of sleep
  • Mini-Fasting done the right way, to improve immunity
  • HIIT- A new, more efficient way to exercise
  • Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 

We’ve also included a Food Scale or Vegetable Steamer (your choice), and the herb Gymnema, proven to stabilize blood sugar.  Available now for $129.

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