The Evolution of Acupuncture Orthopedic Electro-acupuncture


The advancement of acupuncture was, and is, inevitable. Orthopedic Acupuncture is a new model for the application of acupuncture therapy. The ancient Jing Luo meridian system does not adequately address the myriad of musculo-skeletal issues prevalent in a modern world. People move differently, exercise differently, work differently, and feel differently than people centuries ago when the Masters and Academicians first developed this medical science. Orthopedic acupuncture is a cutting edge approach used to treat pain and orthopedic disorders. It combines the modern biomedical understanding of motor points and trigger points with the ancient medical system of acupuncture. Orthopedic electro-acupuncture is an evolutionary advancement, and because of its increased efficacy, will re-define how acupuncture is regarded in the hierarchy of Physical Medicine modalities.

Repetitive use injuries, and the load on the musculo-skeletal system is greater than it has ever been. Treatment modalities had to evolve and improve to meet these greater demands. Increased knowledge of anatomy, orthopedics, and electro-therapies have expanded the possibilities and potential for acupuncture efficacy. A greater understanding of the network of muscle, ligament, tendon, and fascia and their role in the cause of pain has led to this new technique. In Orthopedic electro-acupuncture, we are more concerned with anatomically significant structures than we are with acupuncture node sites. This style of acupuncture allows us to more accurately address the cause of pain, and treatment protocols can be more specific and effective.

Electro-acupuncture, in turn, was developed about 50 years ago in China to help treat painful conditions. Chinese scientists discovered that electrical stimulation applied to an acupuncture needle caused the release of opiates called enkephalins. This led to electro-acupuncture being used in lieu of anesthesia during surgical procedures in China. It also has a very powerful anti-spasmodic effect and serves to relax hypertonic muscles and relieve muscle related pain, particularly of the lumbar area. When electro-acupuncture is combined with orthopedic acupuncture principles, the results are amplified ten-fold.

I have taken 18 seminars on the use of Orthopedic acupuncture for a variety of pain related conditions, and feel that this truly is the “Next Generation” style of acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture 2.0 if you will. Our current database of knowledge regarding anatomy, orthopedics, and electro-therapies have expanded the possibilities and potential for acupuncture efficacy. This reboot represents a quantum leap forward in treating, and often curing painful conditions.

With Orthopedic acupuncture 4 treatments are recommended to judge one’s rate of response. Most conditions respond within 2-3 visits, but if no change is seen within 4 visits, the problem is probably more structural, and chiropractic or an outside referral to an orthopedist may be appropriate and advised. If improvement is achieved within the first 4 treatments, we will discuss a treatment protocol to correct your condition. We have seen thousands of cases that have not responded to other forms of therapy, and have shown rapid improvement with this new, cutting edge style of acupuncture!


Yours in health,

Rick J Bernard, L.Ac.

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