About Rick Bernard

My initial experience with acupuncture occurred 20 years ago while suffering with chronic low back pain. Diagnosed with 2 bulging discs and severe degenerative disc disease, I was unable to even bend over and tie my shoes. After exhausting every conventional therapy including physical therapy, drugs, and epidural injections with no improvement, I decided to explore more “alternative” therapies. Extensive chiropractic with a variety of practitioners yielded limited benefit. On a recommendation from a friend who had his allergies cured through acupuncture, I underwent my first treatment. To my complete astonishment, I walked out of the office with literally no back pain. A series of treatments following this completely turned my condition around, and served as the catalyst for my career in Oriental Medicine.

Since 1992 I’ve dedicated my life to helping people resolve health conditions that have plagued them for years, and have over 30,000 patient visits. The past 14 years I have also contracted with Kaiser Permanente’s chronic pain and occupational medicine clinics to specialize, and treat a variety of pain-related conditions. Helping people resolve difficult, painful conditions is a special focus of my work and I have done extensive research on the use and practice of electro-acupuncture, which is the single, most powerful therapeutic tool in the world for pain elimination. In China, electro-acupuncture is routinely used in lieu of anesthesia during surgical procedures. I have developed a treatment protocol for peri-scapular and rotator cuff injuries that will eliminate 75-80% of the pain within 3-6 treatments. It is also extremely effective for neck and low back pain from any etiology. I also specialize in repetitive stress injuries such as tennis elbow, DeQuervain’s syndrome, and carpal tunnel. Many needless surgeries can be avoided through this gentle, time-tested technique.

A second major focus of my work has become treating infertility. Over the past 4 years I have developed an acupuncture and herbal protocol that has produced up to a 30-50% success rate. Many factors can cause a woman to have difficulty conceiving, but once these factors are overcome and a woman’s body is restored to health, conception can occur naturally. Restoring optimal health permits the expression of woman’s natural fertile state. There is no such thing as Infertility. It is a myth. There’s only Imbalance. Treatment usually requires one treatment per week for 3-6 months depending on the age and health of the patient. Remember, Traditional Chinese Medicine is not a quick fix. Restoring the body to health takes time. But with patience, and a willingness to recognize true healing, women can reclaim the blessing of fertility.

Perhaps because I have experienced first hand the power of Chinese Medicine, it is very important for me to communicate to others the magic and wisdom of this ancient health system. So few have knowledge of what this medicine has the capability of because they have never been exposed to its potential. Sadly, the pharmaceutical industry has taken over medicine where the dominant treatment option available for most people is through a medicine bottle. I regularly lecture for colleges, organizations, corporations, and for other allied professionals on the subject of Oriental Medicine. My mission, if you will, is to teach, empower, and improve the lives of as many people on the planet as I can…naturally.

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