Customer Testimonials

After about two and a half years of trying for our second child, being “diagnosed” with inexplainable secondary infertility, and having multiple unsuccessful IUIs, I decided to see Rick Bernard. I’ll never forget my friend’s recommendation to see him! Rick assessed me and with his calming ways assured me that I would become pregnant. By following the diet that he recommended and going to his acupuncture regularly, I finally did! My family and I are so happy to announce that we had a little girl three months ago! What a joy she is and we’re so thankful that Rick was and is a part of our baby journey! Stephanie Balch Berntsen ]]


I accidentally “stumbled” across The Center for Complimentary Medicine walking down the street while, ironically enough, talking on my cell phone with an adoption lawyer. With a very low egg reserve, irregular hormonal balance, and a FSH level of 15, I had exhausted all my financial, mental, and emotional resources during three years of fertility treatments. The day I came across Rick’s business, my husband and I had finally come to the difficult decision to give up having a child naturally and going another route to become parents. On a whim, I hung up the phone with the lawyer, walked into Rick’s office and was treated on the spot.  After only 4 weeks of once a week treatments, my husband and I were pregnant with our first child. Nine months after giving birth to him, we had a “surprise pregnancy” with our second son while under Rick’s care. Under the care of a very well respected Fertility clinic, I was given a less than 10% chance for pregnancy WITH in vitro (90% failure rate at $15,000 a pop) however, under Rick’s recommendations of natural herbs and acupuncture, I am now the mother of two beautiful boys. Over the past four years, I have since seen Rick for other ailments such as allergies, carpel tunnel, endometriosis, and PMS. I cannot thank him enough for giving us one of the best gifts anyone has ever given us! I would highly recommend him to anyone with fertility issues!” Amy Rueda ]]



My husband and I had “secondary infertility”, we had our first baby and then tried for over a year without any luck. After reaching out to others, a friend referred me to Rick for fertility acupuncture. The first month that I saw Rick, we finally were pregnant! Rick now helps me with other problems like, sleep disorder, allergies, and carpal tunnel. Thanks Rick for everything, especially our for our second baby, Fisher James. Jody White ]]>When I was pregnant with my second child I became obscenely sick and had constant heaving. I lost over 20 pounds, was requiring frequent fluid/IV treatments and daily doctor check-ins. Several doctors were suggesting steroid treatments and even hospitalization — none of which were something that I wanted to do to my unborn child. Then a friend called and recommends that I go see Rick. Despite being skeptical and afraid of needles I went in for a visit. After my first treatment I went home and several hours later I could actually feel my stomach relaxing. It literally felt like there were knots inside that were being untied and smoothed out. Rick had a calm way of talking and listening to me during my trauma. I truly felt like he was understating me and cared enough to do all that he could to help. We had a healthy boy who is now 1 yrs old! Thanks! Laura Meth Repeated miscarriages can be especially tragic for women and their families. In many cases, acupuncture treatments can help:


Dear Rick, I just wanted to send you a note of thanks. Back in Jan of ’05 I came to you for help with my reoccurring miscarriages. I was just recovering from my fourth loss. That very cycle I got pregnant with my first child. Two & a half years later, we are a family of four. I wanted to send our deepest thanks. Best regards, Shoshanah Miller


Scott and I tried for two and half years before we finally got pregnant with our Aubrey. We tried for a over a year naturally before we turned to IVF. The first round of IVF didn’t take and while trying again a second time, we were referred to Rick for acupuncture which I had heard really helps with infertility. I also had heard so many positive stories that came with acupuncture and I was very hopeful after meeting with Rick. I tried acupuncture while trying IVF for a second time, unfortunately, it didn’t take. A few months later, I started acupuncture and both my husband and I were taking herbs. I did everything Rick told me to do and never missed an appointment. Then three months later we found out that I was finally pregnant (after 2 1/2 yrs of trying). I kept with acupuncture for another three months, until after my first trimester. And on August 16, 2007, our little angel was born, Aubrey Rose all of 7pds, 12oz. I really feel acupuncture was a big part in me getting pregnant and I loved going to Rick, he was always so encouraging and positive. All I remember was him continually telling me that I was going to get pregnant and I did! My sister had miscarried, went to Rick for acupuncture, got pregnant again and this time didn’t miscarry. I highly recommended acupuncture to anyone trying to get pregnant. luv, Maile


Hi Rick, Attached is a photo of Emma from this past Christmas when she turned 2. In January 2005, my husband and I started trying to get pregnant for the first time. I was coming to you for acupuncture treatment at the same time to help relieve pain in my neck/shoulders. You said you could also use needles in certain areas to help with fertility. Four months later in April 2005, I got pregnant with Emma and she was born healthy on Christmas Day 2005. Thank you for all of your help during that time. Julie


Thank you Rick from the bottom of our hearts – I truly believe that with your help, we were blessed with our beautiful baby girl! Your kindness and sincere care for all who you come to you is what makes you special as well. Honestly, I was very afraid of needles in the beginning, but your gentle ways made it painless and the payoff of course was priceless…. Thank you a million times! Take care, Thina, Nick & Karissa Martinez ]]



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